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FFL: Week 13 | NFL: Week 13
  • FFL: Week 13

    Gronk if your horny 0
    McDaNK 0
    Wolf Pack 0
    Borracho Bama 0
    Dirty Rican 0
    El Mojado 0
    Immaculate Conception 0
    Turn Down For Watt 0
    Romosexual 0
    Blu Monkeys 0
  • Standings

    Team WLT
    Romosexual 8 4 0
    BALLS_DEEP 8 4 0
    El Mojado 8 4 0
    McDaNK 7 5 0
    Immaculate Conception 7 5 0
    Wolf Pack 6 6 0
    Borracho Bama 6 6 0
    BEAST CHODE 6 6 0
    Gronk if your horny 6 6 0
    Dirty Rican 5 7 0
    Turn Down For Watt 4 8 0
    Blu Monkeys 1 11 0
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  • Latest Activity

    Gronk if your horny: 11/26 2:32p
    El Mojado: 11/26 2:08p
    McDaNK: 11/26 1:43p
    BEAST CHODE: 11/26 10:12a
    Romosexual: 11/26 8:05a
    Immaculate Conceptio: 11/26 12:46a
    BALLS_DEEP: 11/25 9:24p
    Commissioner: 11/25 9:01p
    Blu Monkeys: 11/25 8:28p
    Dirty Rican: 11/24 11:21p
    Borracho Bama: 11/24 12:04a
    Turn Down For Watt: 11/23 5:39p
    Wolf Pack: 11/20 10:28a

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  • NFL: Week 13

    Nov 27 12:30 PM
    Nov 27 4:30 PM
    San Fran-1.5
    Nov 27 8:30 PM
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    Tampa Bay
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    New Orleans
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    NY Giants-2.5
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    St Louis-7.0
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    San Diego
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    Nov 30 1:00 PM
    Nov 30 4:05 PM
    New England
    Green Bay-3.0
    Nov 30 4:25 PM
    Kansas City
    Nov 30 8:30 PM
    NY Jets
    Dec 01 8:30 PM
  • Fantasy Football Player Notes RSS FeedPLAYER NOTES

    Larry FitzgeraldNov 26 01:53p

    Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald (knee) felt some progress in his sprained left medial collateral ligament Tuesday, Nov. 25, according to head coach Bruce Arians. Fitzgerald was pretty upset [ More ]

    Julius ThomasNov 26 01:23p

    Denver Broncos TE Julius Thomas (ankle) was limited at practice Wednesday, Nov. 26.

    Phil LoadholtNov 26 12:33p

    Minnesota Vikings OT Phil Loadholt (pectoral) was placed on the Reserve/Injured list Wednesday, Nov. 26.

    Geno SmithNov 26 12:23p

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith will return to the starting quarterback role in Week 13 against the Miami Dolphins, after QB Michael Vick saw only three starts. The [ More ]

    Timothy WrightNov 26 10:43a

    New England Patriots TE Tim Wright has 23 catches on 26 targets this season. 'Every time we throw to him it's a touchdown - we'll try to find him [ More ]

    R. Griffin IIINov 26 09:43a

    Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has officially been benched in favor of QB Colt McCoy in Week 13. Head coach Jay Gruden informed the team Wednesday, Nov. 26.

    Colt McCoyNov 26 09:43a

    Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has officially been benched in favor of QB Colt McCoy in Week 13. Head coach Jay Gruden informed the team Wednesday, Nov. 26.

    R. Griffin IIINov 25 11:43p

    The Washington Redskins are planning on benching QB Robert Griffin III for the Week 13 game against the Indianapolis Colts in favor of QB Colt McCoy. However, Griffin still [ More ]

    Jace AmaroNov 25 05:13p

    New York Jets TE Jace Amaro (concussion) is in concussion protocol, according to head coach Rex Ryan, after suffering the concussion in Week 12 against the Buffalo Bills.

    R. Griffin IIINov 25 04:23p

    Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III was named the starter for Week 13 against the Indianapolis Colts Monday, Nov. 24, by head coach Jay Gruden, but he left open [ More ]

    Michael BushNov 25 04:13p

    The Arizona Cardinals signed free-agent RB Michael Bush (Bears) and cut RB Kerwynn Williams Tuesday, Nov. 25.

    Brandon McManusNov 25 03:43p

    The Denver Broncos waived PK Brandon McManus Tuesday, Nov. 25.

    Connor BarthNov 25 03:43p

    The Denver Broncos signed free-agent PK Connor Barth (Buccaneers) to an undisclosed deal Tuesday, Nov. 25, after waiving PK Brandon McManus, according to a source.

    Reggie BushNov 25 03:13p

    Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush (ankle) said he'll be ready to play Thursday, Nov. 27, after missing Week 12 with an ankle injury.

    Latavius MurrayNov 25 02:43p

    Oakland Raiders RB Latavius Murray (concussion) will undergo baseline testing for his concussion Tuesday, Nov. 25, according to a league source. He is feeling good, but he must go [ More ]

    Brian HoyerNov 25 01:53p

    Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer was never in danger of being benched in favor of QB Johnny Manziel in the team's Week 12 win over the Atlanta Falcons, according [ More ]

    Blake BortlesNov 25 01:33p

    Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles went 15-for-27 for just 146 yards and an interception in the team's Week 12 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, and he hasn't tossed a [ More ]

    Matthew StaffordNov 25 01:23p

    Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford had the worst completion percentage in his career in Week 12 against the New England Patriots at 39.1 percent), and the Lions haven't rushed [ More ]

    Brodrick BunkleyNov 25 12:03p

    New Orleans Saints DT Brodrick Bunkley (quadriceps) is believed to have torn his quadriceps in the team's Week 12 game Monday, Nov. 24, but he'll undergo an MRI exam [ More ]

    Jordan CameronNov 25 11:53a

    Cleveland Browns TE Jordan Cameron (concussion) is expected to play in Week 13.